Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Limited-Edition 1922 Collection: From Warby Parker

Hi All,

I am back again. Today's post is gonna be a different one. It's my pleasure to announce the launch of limited-edition, vintage-inspired 1922 collection from Warby Parker. They have launched the collection today. Last week, I was contacted by their Online Media Manager and he wanted me to do this post for my readers with all the inside scoops of this season's collections. 

To start with, I was not sure! as because I've never done such a post before; However, after seeing the collection and knowing the fact that every pair they sell, they will give one to someone in need (Buy a Pair, Give a Pair), I decided to do the post. Lastly, I must disclose that this is NOT a sponsored post.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Style a Black Saree: Saree as Outfit of the Day

Hello All,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had another Indian get together this weekend and again wore a saree for the occasion. It was a black Jamdani saree. Please stay tuned to see how I styled it.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saree as Outfit of the Day: Traditional Bengali Look

Subha Poila Baishakh (Happy New Year) !!!

Day before yesterday (Monday), it was Bengali new year's day.  We had a party to celebrate "Poila (1st) Baishakh (first month of bengali calender)" last Saturday. I dressed up as a traditional bengali lady. Not to mention, I wore a saree and traditional gold jewelries to complement the look. Enjoy the photo-shoot below.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

JewelMint Shopping Review: Online Costume Jewelry store

Hi! Loves,

Today, I am going to share my online shopping experience with JewelMint, a runway and celebrity inspired online costume jewelry store. I actually love most of those jewelmint's creations. When you first register with them, you have to make your style profile by answering few questions and based on your style profile they will make your own personalized jewelry collection to choose from each month.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 5 Eye Makeup Trends of Spring/Summer 2013

Good Day my Beauties!

Last week, when I posted one outfit of the day and wrote that 'I am wearing two of the makeup trends from 2013 spring/summer', many of you might have thought what else are there we call trendy this year! I have also been thinking about doing this post for a while now. Could never have a chance. I am determined, I will start the discussion today. Thank god, finally we are enjoying warm weather in Philly. Therefore, we must not delay more writing about makeup trends of spring/summer 2013. So ladies, stay tuned to know what are in for eye makeup these coming seasons.

In case you want to check, top 16 fashion trends of spring/summer 2013, please click here. You can also check one of my outfit of the day, in which I incorporated 4 fashion and makeup trends here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Inspired nail-art: A step by step tutorial

Spring Inspired # 2

Ok! No beating around the bush, let's jump directly into the topic. Yes! we are gonna be discussing the steps of the summery floral nail that I did last week. Although it is a little bit time consuming, this is quiet easy to do. It took me around an hour to do both the hands. Not to mention, being right handed it is always more difficult and more time consuming to do the right hand by the left one.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Compilation of Colorful Nail-arts

My Nail-book

Hello beauties! Did I tell you that I am an amateur watercolor painter? However, with Auripra now and before her as I was in school, I could barely paint in last few years. Therefore, I am kinda making my soul satisfied with this new hobby of mine, and of-course that is nail-art. I have so many ideas, I wish I could do all of them. Alas! we have only 24 hours in a day.

Here, I compiled the nail-arts I did in last months for your eye-candy. 

Click on individual pictures for tutorials


Tutorial Coming soon :)

Have a great weekend! 

Love, Oeendree

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Homemade Hair Remedy for summer: Egg Yogurt Olive-Oil

Although, It still sometimes feels like 30F (-1°C) in Philadelphia, we know for sure now, summer is around the corner. We, in winter dominating areas, long for summer; whereas, in India, it is actually scary when we think about summer! People in tropical region actually wait for winter so dearly! Obviously, I used to do the same when I was in India.

Whether you long for summer or not, everywhere, summer means dehydration, sun-burn, more sweat,  heat rash etc. Therefore, we need to take even more care of our health, our skin and of course, our hair during this season. That is why, I am doing this post today. This is my favorite home-made hair-pack for summer. 

It is an Egg-yogurt and olive oil pack. Egg can moisturize and strengthen our hair. Yogurt can condition and cleanse our hair. Olive oil also works as moisturizer and conditioner. Well, yes, if you want, yon can use this during winter as well! But, I normally use this more often during summer.

Monday, April 1, 2013

4 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: In One Outfit of the day

Spring Fashion 2013 # 1

Hello Beauties! I am sure you guys are looking forward to April aka spring as much as I am. Last weekend, we went to a friend's place. Here, I am going to share my outfit of this get-together with all of you guys. Of course, it was a very casual going out, so I kept everything very minimal except the colorful eyes. I incorporated 4 Spring/Summer 2013 fashion/makeup trends into this OOTD. Fashion trends I used here are: Black/White and Shine. Makeup trend I wore: popping eyes with soft teal eyeshadow, and pale nails for my makeup. I brought the whole look together with natural peachy lip and leopard print pump and purse. I hope you will like it.

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