Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Homemade Hair Remedy for summer: Egg Yogurt Olive-Oil

Although, It still sometimes feels like 30F (-1°C) in Philadelphia, we know for sure now, summer is around the corner. We, in winter dominating areas, long for summer; whereas, in India, it is actually scary when we think about summer! People in tropical region actually wait for winter so dearly! Obviously, I used to do the same when I was in India.

Whether you long for summer or not, everywhere, summer means dehydration, sun-burn, more sweat,  heat rash etc. Therefore, we need to take even more care of our health, our skin and of course, our hair during this season. That is why, I am doing this post today. This is my favorite home-made hair-pack for summer. 

It is an Egg-yogurt and olive oil pack. Egg can moisturize and strengthen our hair. Yogurt can condition and cleanse our hair. Olive oil also works as moisturizer and conditioner. Well, yes, if you want, yon can use this during winter as well! But, I normally use this more often during summer.

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What you will need:

Egg: 1 (use whole raw egg for normal-to dry hair, use only egg-white if you have oily hair)
Yogurt: 2-3 Table-spoon (Depends on the length of your hair) (It could be fat-free or 2%)
Olive oil: 2 tea-spoon (If you have coconut oil, you can use coconut oil instead of olive oil)
Measuring spoons

Take all ingredients in a bowl, and,

Mix everything very well! Mixture should look like this.

What you need to do:
Apply on hair from root to end; make sure you apply it on scalp too. 
After applying, make a hair-knot to keep the hair mask intact.
Wait an hour or until it dries.
Lastly, shampoo normally.

I use this once a week during summer time. You can use even twice a week if you want. So, are you gonna try it? Thanks for visiting!

Love, Oeendree

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