Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Stop Nail-biting: 5 steps to healthy nails

Nailing it!!!

So its been a while since i actually talked to you and i've done a nail-art! So how are you all doing?
It was a promise to myself that I will do this blog-post soon. 
Now you might think why suddenly I chose this topic. Well, those who know me since college and school days, know this can't be a sudden topic for me. Because I was the champion nail-biter at school and college. I loved to bite them; it was kind of a comforting act for myself. 

Actually, it was when I was pregnant with Auripra that the doc came in with this amazing offer I could not ignore. It's obvious how much I love to wear nail-polish So, he proposed me if I stop biting my nails during my pregnancy, I will get one nail polish every week as my reward. I was like "REALLY!"

 And that's how it all started. Believe me it was not the case at all just three years ago. I had the most crappy looking nails possible. However, I worked hard and now I have it. So, if you want to have beautiful nails, you can have it too. Stay tuned to know what exactly I did to stop biting my nail along with bribing myself with gorgeous nail-liquors.

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