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How to Plan Disney Magic Kingdom Tour with a Toddler

Let the MAGIC begin...

Hi Beautiful! Today we are gonna talk about planning your disney magic kingdom tour with your toddlers. We are doing one park at a time. We spent Auripra's third birthday in Disney World, Orlando. I have already shared my outfits here. For her age, she was not eligible for many rides in the park; actually she was not eligible for most of the popular ones! We planned ahead and decided to make it a memorable one for all of us! We could do those rides individually taking our turns with Auripra; however we did not want to do that way. Of course we will go back there when she will be old enough to do the rides.

Plan and Pack
Planning a trip with toddler is a challenge always,  and in our case the most difficult thing was feeding her. She was not at all into outside food at that time; so according to our plan, we booked a suite where they have kitchen and sitting area with the room! And, that worked perfectly. I cooked rice and egg for her in the hotel and brought the food in the park with us. The bottom line is you do not want a hungry child roaming around the park and throwing tantrum all over. If they eat pizza etc, you are saved! You will have plenty of options inside the park, otherwise pack your babies' favorite snacks or food, something she or he will eat without fuss.

Early Bird
Even if you are not a morning person, try to be one on the day of park hopping. Put the kid in bed and make them sleep early the night before so they can wake early and happy too. Another challenge with kids is getting out of the house or the hotel. Remembering and packing everything... takes for ever and inevitably you will forget one of the most important things. Believe me, been there and done that. Make a list of what you will need absolutely in the park and then include few not so important stuffs (if space permits in the back-pack). Oh Yes! Backpack is the way to go. The most hassle-free and your hands will stay free too. So, pack stuff according to your list and have breakfast before you start. And, start by 8am in the morning or as early as possible. Park opens at 9am. From hotel to the park it takes at least an hour, or almost an hour if you stay in the disney resort hotels. We started around 8:15 from the hotel and by the time we entered the park, it was 9:30 and immensely crowded.

BTW, have to you seen the post about going to a movie with toddler? Find it here.

Bring your own. If he or she still needs stroller for getting around intermittently, bring your stroller! Even if you can rent from the park... they are not at all comfortable. Unless you just want something for older kids who does not use or have a stroller currently, you can rent the shaded double or single ones.

Do the Homework
Go through the park time table from the disney website. Then you can see the schedule of a special something that you might want to do. Like breakfast with characters or photograph with characters, lunch or dinner with characters, they all have their own timing and calendar on their website. Make your customized schedule. Like for us, she was all about Mickie and Minnie; So meeting them was in our first preference. See the link for characters experience in the park.

Do the Rides
Even though, they are not allowed in most of the popular rides, there are many really great attractions for toddlers. Follow the link below:

Disney Magic Kingdom Attraction for toddlers

And, the good thing is: you don't have to buy fast-pass for those rides, usually they are not as crowded as the popular ones, unless you are visiting during christmas or new year or in other special occasion. You can always do other rides as long as you are not taking your babies with you. If you have any friend or any family is visiting with you, may be you and you better half can enjoy a ride together too.

Take Golden Pictures
Of course you are going to take lots of picture. However, you have to take one shot, in a particular spot at a particular time of the day. It is going to be the most beautiful memory, i am telling you. Come back in front of the cinderella castle on the main street and wait for the sunset... just like 30/40 minutes before sunset, it is the golden light for taking pictures. Take a family shot right there. You will cherish the outcome your entire life. These parks are photogenic.

Two Must Dos 
It was a trip for Auripra's birthday, so the entire time, we wanted to do something that she or a toddler will certainly enjoy. And, the must two of them in your list will be the night parade and the fireworks and music show! We got the best place to see the show. Yes you have to go early and grab the place yourself. Will do another post regarding these shows. In a line, you must not want to miss these shows specially if you are visiting there with toddler. They will love it. I know Auripra did.

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