Friday, June 26, 2015

Striped Maxi with Orange

Hi my beautiful friends!!!
Believe it or not the inspiration of this outfit came from the earrings I am wearing! Can you imagine it is only for $2.88 from Walmart? As soon as I saw it in the store I had to grab it! 
The crochet tunic top I am wearing here is almost 8 years old! It is from Debenhams, UK! I dragged it out and washed and wore just so I can wear my new earrings with it!
The following is the description of the look:
Black and white striped Maxi dress and on top the orange tunic together with a belt! For hair, I did my favorite and my go-to messy-bun, for makeup I had my eyes done; you will find a tutorial of similar eye makeup here and used an orange lipstick! Yes, it is an orange lipstick, though it looks different in the pictures here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blue Camouflage: Saree as Outfit of the Day

Hi Beautiful Friends!!!
Hope everyone is doing great! After long time, I got to wear a saree! If you follow thedocndiva from the beginning, you already know how much I love to wear saree! Anyway, when I got a chance to wear one again last weekend, I went all out. I did my eyes, my makeup and of course, I took my time to get ready! Yes! it takes time guys... a lot, specially wearing the saree part! 
So, this is a chanderi saree! I bought it from India last year! Last diwali, when I went to India, it was totally in trend. However, when it comes to Saree, I go with my hunch, rather than what's in. Still I like this sarees a lot and bought two!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer, Pink & Purple: The Perfect Trio

Hi Beautiful friends!!!

Hope everybody is doing great! Today, it is another outfit of the day post! I am wearing pastel pink and dark pastel purple together! Absolutely, no make up again, except for sunscreen, mascara and bright fuchsia pink lips. I believe, the colors are looking little different in the pictures than they actually are.

Friday, June 12, 2015

6 Miracle Makeup Products Every Girl Should Own

Hi Beautiful!!!
Don't you like to dress up and look beautiful? We all do! Although, we all are beautiful in our own way, it does not hurt to brighten our beauty with few makeup products! Totally understand, for many of you, making the time for yourselves could be a lot! Still, if you really make an effort to invest five to ten minutes everyday for you, believe me, it will be worthwhile! I used to take a lot of time for dressing up, still want to take more and more time; however, with Auripra growing up and for other commitments, I barely have more than 10 minutes to dress up most of the days! Therefore, I had to unleash a way to look charming in no time; well, in 10-15 minutes! Learn how to do a glam makeup in 5 minutes here. And, my tools are nothing but these 6 miracle makeup products!!!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Natural and White

Hi! Friends!!!

This is my last outfit post from our tour to Central NY. Previous ones are here and here. As you already know, we went there during memorial day weekend and it was still chilly there; therefore, I have my jackets on. This one is very casual, absolutely no make except lipstick and sunscreen.

This is the Taughannock Falls State Park and it's beautiful!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Shout out to Glamour Gals: A Guest Post

Hi Beautiful!!!
Hope everyone is doing great! Today's post is going to be one of a kind! Few days ago, I was approached by one of the "thedocndiva" readers, who wanted to do a guest post regarding an extraordinary initiative, called "Glamour Gals". After reading her mail, I could not wait to publish the post to let you all know more about the Glamour Gals!! 

A little about Glamour Gals: it is a non-profit that uses make-up and beauty to connect women across generations. Every month, Glamour Gals, who are essentially college and high school students meet up with women living in Senior homes, in order to give them makeovers. It is a great experience for both the Seniors and the students that participate.

Read through to know more about it from Valerie Greene:

The 2015 Glammys

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trend Alert: Yellow

Hi Beautiful!
If you have read our last post, you already know about what's "in" this summer. And you also know, Yellow is totally in trend. Although, wearing yellow could be intimidating at times, pairing it with something earthy can be easy to pull off! If you love to wear color, I would say you must give it a try this summer! There are so many shades of yellow available, you just have to find one that suits the best on you! If you are lucky, more than one yellow shades could be your color too!

Regarding this look, I styled this leopard print hi-lo dress (old one) with a lemon yellow cardigan. To give it more informal look, and to have more yellow touch,  I also added a yellow sunglass! Makeup and accessory were minimum.
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