Friday, June 12, 2015

6 Miracle Makeup Products Every Girl Should Own

Hi Beautiful!!!
Don't you like to dress up and look beautiful? We all do! Although, we all are beautiful in our own way, it does not hurt to brighten our beauty with few makeup products! Totally understand, for many of you, making the time for yourselves could be a lot! Still, if you really make an effort to invest five to ten minutes everyday for you, believe me, it will be worthwhile! I used to take a lot of time for dressing up, still want to take more and more time; however, with Auripra growing up and for other commitments, I barely have more than 10 minutes to dress up most of the days! Therefore, I had to unleash a way to look charming in no time; well, in 10-15 minutes! Learn how to do a glam makeup in 5 minutes here. And, my tools are nothing but these 6 miracle makeup products!!!

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Black kohl
The first one to own! It can take you a long way! You can use it as eye shadow, eye liner, and of course, as a kohl pencil! What's the difference?  Well, that could be another whole post! Anyway, When I say that I mean, it has amazing maneuvering quality and blendability! As a beginners' eye product, my vote goes with this one.

Next one is Mascara definitely! It can really make a world of difference! Even if you don't have time to do anything else, wear only mascara! Still, I am putting it as number two, after Black Kohl because application of it could be a little trickier; especially if you are just starting to play with eye makeup products... Kohl is the best way to start practicing something regarding eye makeup! Learn eye makeup basics for beginners' here.

Well, wearing the kohl and mascara make the huge difference no doubt, however, to make it more prominent you have to cover those under eye patches! May be, your dark circles are not as visible as many others, still using a concealer will make your day! Choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone could be tricky; however choosing a concealer is much easier I believe. You have to go for a shade that is clearly at least one shade or two lighter than your complexion!

A Red Lipstick 
This can transfer you from none to "Glam" just like that. You have to get ready in no time; wear the red lipstick that suits you the best!  The trick is you have to wear it properly! Learn it here. If there is no way you can wear a red lip-color, choose a reddish brown or maroon tone!

A Nude Lipstick
Many of us think, if a lipstick says it is nude, it will be ok to use as nude lipstick on everybody! Although, those nude shades will somewhat look good on most of us, still it's better to find a proper nude to your lip color! Not necessarily a nude shade for one will be nude for you too! 

A natural looking blush, that one can wear all day everyday! A blush that will give a glow from within! This blush won't be to hard to apply for beginners because of its natural shade! Two examples of that kind of blushes are in above picture; they mostly suit every skin tone and give natural finish! 

Hope this helps. Thank you for stopping by! These are my must haves. Let me know what is yours! If you have any question let me know too!


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