Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eye Makeup Basics for Beginners: Eye Makeup 101

New Year New You with Eye Makeup

Yes! Gorgeous!!! You have guessed it right; I am going to talk about the basics of eye makeup today. The beautiful part is, we, girls love to look good, love to wear makeup, especially eye makeup. However, the confusing parts are "where/when to start?", "how to start?" and most importantly, "how much makeup and equipments do I need to start?" I still remember, not so long ago, when I was still fiddling around with those afore-mentioned questions, I only used to get more frustrated and disappointed and confused after searching about those on google!!! Unfortunately, I did never find any concise post regarding "how to start eye makeup" for a true beginner! Thus, I am narrowing down the result of my experience here. I hope this helps.

The Schematic 

Before I go ahead, I should mention the ultimate key is Practice - Practice - Practice. "Practice makes perfect". If you think, the way I can do my eyes now, I could do the same when I just started; you are so WRONG! There had been so many days when I just wanted to quit because when I used to see myself after makeup done, in mirror, I could only see the reflection of a clown staring at me. Believe me it's true.

Of course, I am telling you the minimum makeup and equipments you should start to practice with before you expect to see even more gorgeous looks of those two eyes of yours.

Eye Makeup 101 FAQs

1. How much makeup and equipments do I need to start with?

You should have the followings to start with: (I am mentioning them in the order of you should use them) (Also, see "The Schematic" picture FYI)

Eyeshadow Primer: You are using shadows properly, but it is not prominent at all! Primer or eyeshadow base is the key to solve this.

Eyeshadows: You should start with a pretty basic neutral palettes. You can see difference only with a little effort. Once you will have the hang of it, you can always start playing with more challenging colors.

Brushes: There are lots of brushes available to get confused about. However, I can tell you from my experience, you only need three different brushes to start with.

(a) Shader brush: To pack on colors on lids. You can also use this one to use highlighting shadows (just make sure you are using a clean one to highlight).

(b) Angled brush: To apply color on crease.

(c) Tapered brush: to blend lid and crease colors for the seamless finish.

Eyeliner: Eye makeup is incomplete without any type of lining. In other words, Eyeliner is a must. Not comfortable with it? Remember 'practice makes perfect'.

Eyelash Curler: Believe me it is the prime factor. If you do not have time to do all these, just curl your lashes before you wear mascara to get the popped eye instantly.

Mascara: Probably the easiest to work with, however, another key to beautiful eyes.

Concealer: Even after you do everything right, the last but not the least would be concealing those under eye dark areas with a concealer that is a tone lighter than your skin tone. Also, highlight brow bone and inner most corner of eyes with a highlighting shadow before see your new self in the mirror.

To blend concealer your ring finger is the tool.
Keep some cotton buds always handy to manage some accident that might happen during the process.

2. Where/when to start?

You can start right now. It is never too late to start an effort.

3. how to start/apply eye makeup?

To know how to apply eye makeup check out my tutorial here.

This is completely my take on the basics. Let me know your questions or concerns by commenting below.
All the best.


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