Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wearing Stripe: An Outfit of the Day

A Day-out as a City Chic

Hi Beauties!!!
Oeendree is back again! And, she is back with one of her favorite type of posts: The OOTD. Firstly, I LOVE fashion and secondly I love OOTDs because these are the quickest post. Even if I have 10 minutes, I am good to go. So Enjoy!

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Decorate a Sunroom: Decorating with Diva

Hi! Beautiful!

It's Oeendree here again. Probably most of you know that we moved recently from Philadelphia, PA to Lynchburg, VA. Well, it has already been eight months since we are living here in our new apartment in Lynchburg! And, I have been thinking about doing some decor posts ever since!

In this first home-decor post, I'm going to share all about our sunroom, the favorite place of mine in this apartment.


Friday, April 18, 2014

How I Pack my Outfits for Vacation: Mix and Match more than Once

OOTDs from Recent Orlando Vacation 

Hi! Beautiful! 
Finally I am going to post my OOTDs from Orlando vacation today! I have really short free time and I'm using it all!. Auripra is on spring break; so all the moms out there, you of course know what does that mean!!!

Last month we went to Orlando, FL for few days. It was a family trip to spend Auripra's 3rd Birthday there! Visiting the parks at Disney World is always very hectic and tiring; with a toddler it was even harder for us. We were there for five nights and four days and took it very light. Went to only two parks on every alternative day. Will do few blog posts on our experience of park hopping soon. Here is only the OOTDs, you will see how I packed the stuffs that I could mix and match more than one time!
So, Enjoy...

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