Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How do I maintain my current weight: Controlling Carbohydrate intake

Hello there Beautiful ladies!!!

Hope everyone is doing great! This morning when I was going to drop A at school, I heard a funny discussion on Radio regarding "National Junk Food Day" in USA and yes it is today, 21st July! I have been planning on doing this post for quite sometime now. After hearing that discussion, decided to do it today! Last time, when I did my pregnancy weight-lost post, it was appreciated by many of our readers. As you can see it is not exactly a post about eating junk, or loosing weight; it is about controlling our craving of carbs (Totally understand, it is a challenge we born with as we are Indian.) and having a good dietary habit. I am no expert on the field; however, I am going to share a few everyday practices I follow that sure helps me in the long run to maintain my weight.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Striped Maxi with Orange

Hi my beautiful friends!!!
Believe it or not the inspiration of this outfit came from the earrings I am wearing! Can you imagine it is only for $2.88 from Walmart? As soon as I saw it in the store I had to grab it! 
The crochet tunic top I am wearing here is almost 8 years old! It is from Debenhams, UK! I dragged it out and washed and wore just so I can wear my new earrings with it!
The following is the description of the look:
Black and white striped Maxi dress and on top the orange tunic together with a belt! For hair, I did my favorite and my go-to messy-bun, for makeup I had my eyes done; you will find a tutorial of similar eye makeup here and used an orange lipstick! Yes, it is an orange lipstick, though it looks different in the pictures here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blue Camouflage: Saree as Outfit of the Day

Hi Beautiful Friends!!!
Hope everyone is doing great! After long time, I got to wear a saree! If you follow thedocndiva from the beginning, you already know how much I love to wear saree! Anyway, when I got a chance to wear one again last weekend, I went all out. I did my eyes, my makeup and of course, I took my time to get ready! Yes! it takes time guys... a lot, specially wearing the saree part! 
So, this is a chanderi saree! I bought it from India last year! Last diwali, when I went to India, it was totally in trend. However, when it comes to Saree, I go with my hunch, rather than what's in. Still I like this sarees a lot and bought two!

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