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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Shopping Wish-list: Durga Pooja, 2014

If Only...

Hi! Sweets!!!

So you already know what I'm going to write about. it's only another 14 days to Durga Pooja and unfortunately, I'm going to miss being in India once again during Durga pooja - this has been happening to me for consecutive last 8 years. During my childhood days, I still remember, 15th August (the independence day of India) was the cut off day, after that it was okay to talk about Durga Pooja or nag our parents about pooja shopping. Although, now I'm a mother of a three year old and I'm not a teen-ager anymore, pooja shopping still excites me as it used to in my teens. Pooja is not at all religious to me; it is fun, food and fashion. Today I'm getting the 'fashion' covered here.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Stop Nail-biting: 5 steps to healthy nails

Nailing it!!!

So its been a while since i actually talked to you and i've done a nail-art! So how are you all doing?
It was a promise to myself that I will do this blog-post soon. 
Now you might think why suddenly I chose this topic. Well, those who know me since college and school days, know this can't be a sudden topic for me. Because I was the champion nail-biter at school and college. I loved to bite them; it was kind of a comforting act for myself. 

Actually, it was when I was pregnant with Auripra that the doc came in with this amazing offer I could not ignore. It's obvious how much I love to wear nail-polish So, he proposed me if I stop biting my nails during my pregnancy, I will get one nail polish every week as my reward. I was like "REALLY!"

 And that's how it all started. Believe me it was not the case at all just three years ago. I had the most crappy looking nails possible. However, I worked hard and now I have it. So, if you want to have beautiful nails, you can have it too. Stay tuned to know what exactly I did to stop biting my nail along with bribing myself with gorgeous nail-liquors.

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