Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beautiful Peaks of Otter: A day Trip destination in Central Virginia, USA

“Nature never did betray

The heart that loved her.” 

Before we all get sunk in the cold winter, warmth of fall beauty gives us enough strength to survive it. Of course, my favorite two seasons are fall and spring. Nature is beautiful the way it is; however in spring with newly blossomed buds and in fall with changing color of leaves it turns into heaven right here!

Few weeks ago, we went to visit Peaks of Otter, Virginia. With lake, mountain, fall color, it was an all in one package. Fall color was at its best that time and we had an awesome day there. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Diwali, The Festival of Light: Decor Idea!!!

Hi beautiful,
How have you all been? Many of you who follow me on Instagram too, know I have a baby since I did my last blog post here! Last year during Diwali I was pregnant, was in the second trimester (the best time during pregnancy), and my mother was here with me (i know it was blissful)! Therefore, I arranged a Diwali Celebration Party at my place and decorated my place as I wanted to. I literally played all out! Please follow through to see how I did it! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How do I maintain my current weight: Controlling Carbohydrate intake

Hello there Beautiful ladies!!!

Hope everyone is doing great! This morning when I was going to drop A at school, I heard a funny discussion on Radio regarding "National Junk Food Day" in USA and yes it is today, 21st July! I have been planning on doing this post for quite sometime now. After hearing that discussion, decided to do it today! Last time, when I did my pregnancy weight-lost post, it was appreciated by many of our readers. As you can see it is not exactly a post about eating junk, or loosing weight; it is about controlling our craving of carbs (Totally understand, it is a challenge we born with as we are Indian.) and having a good dietary habit. I am no expert on the field; however, I am going to share a few everyday practices I follow that sure helps me in the long run to maintain my weight.

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