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10 Best Ways to Renew Wardrobe without spending fortune

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Two weeks ago, I posted about top 16 spring/summer trends in 2013. Many of you might have thought, Oh! new season, new fashion means only some more pocket cut. Though, you have so much to wear, you just can't wear them only because they are out of trend. Believe me, I used to think the same way before I realized these magic tricks to renew my wardrobe continuously and not to mention, without spending a lot of money.

Continue reading to know those tricks and tips...


Before you do anything with your wardrobe, do some organizing! Fold them properly and stack them categorically, for example, keep all jeans together etc. It's easy to stack same size pieces more neatly. While, you will be doing all these, believe me you will find few items you totally forgot about. Also, do keep an eagle eye on all the clothes you are organizing and try to think how you can wear them in coming seasons. If you can't see yourself wearing a clothe or clothes at all, it's best to donate them to charity or you can swap stuffs with friends if anyone is interested.


Of course this is time to pack all your winter wardrobe and bring out summery clothes. Before you pack them away think about incorporating some of them into your spring closet. For example, you can always wear that faux leather jacket in spring time, that you were rocking through the winter.  Not only that, think about repairing those pieces you never gonna wear and DIY dresses come in action right there.


Options are limitless, all you have to do is think outside the box. Go and grab an old dress or top or trouser from your wardrobe. Look closely; may be altering them little bit can give you a whole new outfit. Altering could be only sewing a bulky button or removing the sleeves altogether from an old tee.


Plan your outfit ahead of time. Most of the time, we rush during dressing up and can not think about creative ideas of wearing something. This used to happen with me all the time; Nowadays, as I am planning ahead, I know exactly what I need to do during that last 30 minutes rush. Just write down or know in your head what and how you are gonna wear something for a particular occasion.


Again, options are limitless. Think about totally new ways of mixing your available wardrobe. For example, you have probably always mixed print with solid and never tried mixing print with print before. Trust me, mixing print together is another hot trend right now. Browse internet for mixing ideas, inspire yourself and creates your own style. It's just being a little creative. 


Yes! layering here means nothing but wearing more than one outfits in Layer. It is another great way to make your outfits look different, as if you are wearing something new.  Although, layering outfits sounds more appropriate for fall and winter, you can still work it out during spring and summer with lighter-comfier pieces. The rule of thumb here are, to wear the smaller or fitted ones under the larger or oversized ones and to show all of them up somehow. 


Accessorize yourselves. Wearing statement jewelries, or carrying a different handbag, or wearing a belt with the same dress, gives it an absolute new finish. Again, look for inspirations, be a little creative and everybody will ask you how you look so gorgeous and different.

Trying a new shoe:

Even, after doing everything I just said before, if you really have to treat your wardrobe with something new, buy a pair of on-trend shoes. Trying a new shoe with an old dress is like giving it a new makeover. Mostly, buying a shoe is more cheaper than buying an outfit.


Thrifting means shopping in a thrift store. If you are lucky, you can find amazing deals there. Well, may be not always; but it does not hurt to give a periodic visit to your nearest thrift stores. Especially, if you like vintage pieces, like me, thrifting is the way to go! 

Sale on budget Shops:
Finally, to refresh your closet with new clothes, look for ongoing sales in budget shops like Forever 21, H&M, Wet seal, Easy Pickins etc or in stores like Ross, TJmaxx etc. Buying something basic, such as a classic white buttoned-up shirt or a little black dress etc. or buying something on-trend, such as, a little lace dress or a bermuda shorts for coming spring/summer is wiser than randomly buying anything to spend your money.

Hope this post helps you somehow! Would love to know your ideas too; so please share with us. All the best.

Love, Oeendree

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  1. You've given some great tips here!

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  2. Great post and useful ideas.


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