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How to: Nail-art for Easter and Holi Festivities

Happy Belated Holi and Happy Easter Everyone

When you think about spring, what exactly do you think about? I think about colors, flowers and colorful festivals. In India, we celebrate Holi, the festival of color during spring. Here in USA, Easter is celebrated around the same time. The tradition for Easter is making cute-colorful eggs, whereas Holi is all about bright-vibrant color!

This year, these festivals happened to be only three days apart! Holi was on last Wednesday, March 27th and Easter is on coming Sunday, March 31st. Therefore, I did my nails inspired by colors, vibrance, patterns, dots, festivals. And, of course, I am going to share how to do it here...

The Nail-polishes I used

Zoya Lulu (Peachy nude)
Zoya Caitlin (bluish grey)
Zoya Wednesday (sea green)
Zoya Mira (Opaque cream purple)
Zoya Flora (medium pink)
Zoya Rea (shimmery purple)
Milani Yellow whiz (bright chrome yellow)
Sally-hansen Hard as Nails French White Tip
Art Deco hot pink
Revlon Quick dry top coat
I also used scotch tape and tooth-picks as helping tools

The Tutorial

1. Apply Base coat. Instead of applying a clear base coat, I applied Zoya Lulu (a peachy nude color).

2. Steps by fingers: 

Apply bright Yellow half way through. Let it dry.

Cut the scotch tape in a zigzag manner and attach it on thumb nail as shown in the picture. Apply a medium pink color all over thumb nail.Take the scotch tape off immediately. Be careful during this step. Let it dry.

Cut scotch tape in a zigzag manner again and attach it on thumb nail just down the midline. Apply a bluish grey color on. Take the scotch tape off immediately. Let it dry. 

Apply poco-dots using tooth-picks. I just doubled the dots with two different colors. Feel free to experiment with your design of doing poco-dots.

Apply sea green color all over. Let it dry. 
Apply bigger poco-dots all over it using a shimmer purple color. I used a small bland nail (shown in the picture above). 
Keep the dots diagonal to each other (this will help you to generate a pattern). After bigger dots are dried apply smaller dot on them using white and yellow.


Apply a medium pink color all over. Let it dry completely. 

Attach a scotch tape diagonally. To make the look softer, i cut the scotch tape in squiggle manner and attached it. 

Apply a creamy purple, take the tape off immediately. Let it dry. 

Apply pink dots on purple and purple dots on pink along the midline. To make dots are really prominent apply white and yellow dots on top pink and purple dots.


Apply sea green color all over. Let it dry completely. 

Cut a scotch tape in zigzag pattern again and attach it on nail vertically. 

Apply bluish grey color and take the tape off immediately. Not to mention, be very careful during this step. 
deco nail-polish or using a stripper brush.
Apply white and yellow dots horizontally as shown in the picture. If want, can draw lines using an art-deco polish or a striper brush.

Apply yellow all over. Let it dry. 

Apply smaller pink dots on top of bigger purple dots. 

Apply the dots diagonal to each other to generate a pattern. Let dry.

3. Apply top coat on all the nails after polishes are dry.

Yes!!! Finally, you are done...

Hope you had fun! Have a great Easter weekend. 

Love, Oeendree


  1. fine post

    Happy Easter

  2. this one's really always..u make it look so easy.


  3. Oh my god! Absolutely gorgeous... wish I had the patience to do something like this... AND love the header! :)

  4. You are really a pro in nail art. Loved it!
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    Bong's Belleza

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  9. Love your nail tutorial! Easy and very cute! I am your new follower on google+. facebook, and bloglovin'! :-) So cute

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