Friday, March 29, 2013

How to: Nail-art for Easter and Holi Festivities

Happy Belated Holi and Happy Easter Everyone

When you think about spring, what exactly do you think about? I think about colors, flowers and colorful festivals. In India, we celebrate Holi, the festival of color during spring. Here in USA, Easter is celebrated around the same time. The tradition for Easter is making cute-colorful eggs, whereas Holi is all about bright-vibrant color!

This year, these festivals happened to be only three days apart! Holi was on last Wednesday, March 27th and Easter is on coming Sunday, March 31st. Therefore, I did my nails inspired by colors, vibrance, patterns, dots, festivals. And, of course, I am going to share how to do it here...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

7 Best ways to Lose your Pregnancy Weight

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 

Friends! today is a very special day of our life. It is Auripra's second birthday! It seems these (almost) three years, from the day we got our pregnancy test result positive till today, flew super fast! New baby, for the first time parent, is always a challenge! Especially, when they are staying far away from family. Hence, it was tough for us with her, at least for first six weeks, before my mom arrived to rescue us. 

After my mom came, I started eating so much that instead of losing pregnancy weight I started gaining more... I still remember when Auripra was around 8 weeks old, somebody asked me whether I was pregnant at the point! It was embarrassing, however, it was kind of okay when I said I have a two month old.

I am always petite in stature. My pre-pregnancy weight was 108Lb and just before Auripra was born I was 135Lb. Of course, I lost some after she was born! After my mom came, I was again around 130Lb or so. I should mention here Auripra was exclusively on breast-feeding until she was 6 months old and after that she used to have one solid feeding everyday, otherwise, I was still breast-feeding her until she was 9 months, that is when I stopped breast-feeding her altogether. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Inspired Nail-Art: Step by Step Tutorial

So, today is the first official day of Spring! This is a beautiful but, somewhat cloudy day in Philadelphia. I am feeling like going out, playing with Auripra... (By the way, she is going to be 2 year old in less than a week time. Can't believe!), though it's not quite as warm as we are expecting. Still, it is finally spring and we are super-duper excited!

Therefore, I am going to share my first spring inspired nail-art tutorial with my beautiful friends here today. This nail-art illustrates first blossom of the season. So stay tuned. Smooches.

Continue reading for step by step tutorial

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Best Ways to Renew Wardrobe without spending fortune

Hello loves!!!

Two weeks ago, I posted about top 16 spring/summer trends in 2013. Many of you might have thought, Oh! new season, new fashion means only some more pocket cut. Though, you have so much to wear, you just can't wear them only because they are out of trend. Believe me, I used to think the same way before I realized these magic tricks to renew my wardrobe continuously and not to mention, without spending a lot of money.

Continue reading to know those tricks and tips...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

10 Lady Diana Dresses: Up for Auction

Hello everyone! I am going to tell you one of my childhood obsessions that I am still obsessed with and She is none other than The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana. I love her; I love her timeless beauty, her style, her modishness,  and of course her dresses and jewelries. I don't know whether you are aware, but there is a section in where you can buy costume jewelries those are look-alike of lady Di's original one. Click here for her wedding ring.

Anyway, today I am telling you all these because 10 of the Princess' evening dresses were on Kerry Taylor Auction today in UK including famous black dress that she wore in White House Ball in 1985 and danced with John Travolta. The money raised in the auction will go for charity.

Click here and Enjoy!!!

How to: Wearable Green eyeliner and Green eyeshadow Look

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

St. Patrick's day is on this sunday March 17th. The tradition is to wear everything 'Green' for the occasion. Emerald green is a color totally in trend in this coming spring and summer. If you are edgy, I am sure you would love to try green eyeliner this season because wearing colored eyeliner, especially green and blue and every color in between, is another hot makeup trend this year. Wanna go little further, emerald green eye-shadow to go. Above pictures are what I came up with green eyeliner and shadow look. Don't you think they are very much wearable? 

Click here for the Step by Step Tutorial

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Liebster Blog Award Nomination

First Blogging Award

It's my immense pleasure to be nominated for Liebster Blog Award by my friend, the Gorgeous Aditi of So-Saree last month. 'Better late than never', so here I am doing the post. Thank you so very much Aditi once again. This award is for aspiring bloggers who have less than 300 followers.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Top 16 Fashion Trends of Spring/Summer 2013

Thanks God!!! This is March and not to mention, we are so ready for Spring/Summer. Lately, I have been googling a lot about what is trending, color wise, fashion wise, style wise in coming spring and summer. Evidently, Fashion Weeks in different big cities (such as New York, Paris, Milan and London) are the trend setters. I went to NYFW website and browsed through different designers' Spring/Summer, 2013 collections and also went to some experts websites like Elle, Herpersbazar etc. Click Here for another post from one of my blogger buddies, Estilo Hedónico, she did a post on NWFW: Spring/Summer 2013, too and that helped me too. The following is the result of my Googlearch (Google+Research)! Funny? Or, not so much!

Enjoy pictures from NYFW: Spring, 2013 with 16 Hottest Fashion trends of 2013...

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