Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to: Wearable Green eyeliner and Green eyeshadow Look

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

St. Patrick's day is on this sunday March 17th. The tradition is to wear everything 'Green' for the occasion. Emerald green is a color totally in trend in this coming spring and summer. If you are edgy, I am sure you would love to try green eyeliner this season because wearing colored eyeliner, especially green and blue and every color in between, is another hot makeup trend this year. Wanna go little further, emerald green eye-shadow to go. Above pictures are what I came up with green eyeliner and shadow look. Don't you think they are very much wearable? 

Click here for the Step by Step Tutorial

What I Used
Shadows I used


1 to 4 common steps for both

5 to 7 steps for green eyeliner

5 to 7 steps for green eye-shadow

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! FYI, I am not wearing any other makeup except eye-makeup and Concealer on the under eye region and of course, a peachy lipgloss. After all your eye makeup done, do not forget to clean the fall out from the under eye area and apply concealer for the flawless finish. So, how are you gonna spend St. Patrick's Day? Are you gonna try out green eye look this spring?
All the best.

Love, Oeendree 

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