Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How do I maintain my current weight: Controlling Carbohydrate intake

Hello there Beautiful ladies!!!

Hope everyone is doing great! This morning when I was going to drop A at school, I heard a funny discussion on Radio regarding "National Junk Food Day" in USA and yes it is today, 21st July! I have been planning on doing this post for quite sometime now. After hearing that discussion, decided to do it today! Last time, when I did my pregnancy weight-lost post, it was appreciated by many of our readers. As you can see it is not exactly a post about eating junk, or loosing weight; it is about controlling our craving of carbs (Totally understand, it is a challenge we born with as we are Indian.) and having a good dietary habit. I am no expert on the field; however, I am going to share a few everyday practices I follow that sure helps me in the long run to maintain my weight.

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