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How do I maintain my current weight: Controlling Carbohydrate intake

Hello there Beautiful ladies!!!

Hope everyone is doing great! This morning when I was going to drop A at school, I heard a funny discussion on Radio regarding "National Junk Food Day" in USA and yes it is today, 21st July! I have been planning on doing this post for quite sometime now. After hearing that discussion, decided to do it today! Last time, when I did my pregnancy weight-lost post, it was appreciated by many of our readers. As you can see it is not exactly a post about eating junk, or loosing weight; it is about controlling our craving of carbs (Totally understand, it is a challenge we born with as we are Indian.) and having a good dietary habit. I am no expert on the field; however, I am going to share a few everyday practices I follow that sure helps me in the long run to maintain my weight.

Balanced diet and Potion Control
I am proud to be an Indian. I am proud that it is so diverse in every possible way! I love our fashion; I love our foods. However, I hate our food habits. It is all about carbohydrates. Being a Bengali, it is almost impossible to survive even one day with out a dose of white rice. I tried to cut it off altogether from our diet only to find how unfeasible it is. Then I figured few simple ways to keep it in my grip. 
1. Instead of white rice, try brown rice. Even better if you can have whole wheat chapatis instead of any rice. So basically, we try to rotate.
2. Try to control your potions everyday. I have no more than three cups of carbs every day. On the special days, little bit more.

3. If you have to have white rice, instead of using rice cooker, use traditional way of rice cooking in which you can strain out the extra starch before you eat it.
4. try to eat a balanced diet with lots of protein and just about right amount of carbs and fats. So you will not crave for junk.

Avoid added sugar
Stop buying sodas, juices chips etc. Stop buying anything that might have added sugar or salt in it; such as cakes, muffins, cookies. We buy these only if we have to throw a party or if we are having friends over for casual get together. Parents, stop eating the icing on the birthday cake. With A growing up, now we attend at least 3-4 birthday parties a month.
Reduce craving for fries and chips with desiccated veggies. They are Yummy too. 

Do not stay empty stomach
They say, if you go to grocery empty stomach, chances are you will fill your cart will junk or unhealthy food. So make sure every time you go to grocery, you are not starving. Same goes, if you are hungry chances are you will start binging on unhealthy stuffs. Therefore, don't let go yourself empty stomach at all.

Controlling carbohydrate craving
Even after you do all the right things, you will desire for junk. Every one does, me too. I do trick myself with this and I try to choose the healthier version:

If, I crave chocolate, I go for dark chocolate;

If, I want to have soda or juice, I drink water with crushed ice. I make homemade lemonade, where I can control how much sugar to be added. I make fresh mango, watermelon, orange etc juices at home too.

And, as mentioned earlier chips are replaced with desiccated organic veggies and candies are replaced with desiccated organic fruits.

However, once in a while everyone should have guilty pleasure and indulge yourself in real thing ;)

Working Out
Last but not the least, of course. What else should I mention about benefit of working out? It is no secret. We just have to follow what we believe and have to be patient. 

That's it for today. Thank you all for visiting us!
See you soon.
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  1. Very useful post...thanks for sharing

  2. Well written miss !! I would suggest rotating different forms of exercise like Pilates gym or yoga !! And green tea and lots of water for that beautiful skin 😊


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