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7 Best ways to Lose your Pregnancy Weight

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 

Friends! today is a very special day of our life. It is Auripra's second birthday! It seems these (almost) three years, from the day we got our pregnancy test result positive till today, flew super fast! New baby, for the first time parent, is always a challenge! Especially, when they are staying far away from family. Hence, it was tough for us with her, at least for first six weeks, before my mom arrived to rescue us. 

After my mom came, I started eating so much that instead of losing pregnancy weight I started gaining more... I still remember when Auripra was around 8 weeks old, somebody asked me whether I was pregnant at the point! It was embarrassing, however, it was kind of okay when I said I have a two month old.

I am always petite in stature. My pre-pregnancy weight was 108Lb and just before Auripra was born I was 135Lb. Of course, I lost some after she was born! After my mom came, I was again around 130Lb or so. I should mention here Auripra was exclusively on breast-feeding until she was 6 months old and after that she used to have one solid feeding everyday, otherwise, I was still breast-feeding her until she was 9 months, that is when I stopped breast-feeding her altogether. 

Auripra: 15 months old

Finally, I was back on my pre-pregnancy weight when she was around 15 months old! Today, I am sharing how I lost my pregnancy-weight with all of you guys. 
Followings are my take on how to lose preggers' weight. 

Breast feeding

The best available remedy for new-born and new-mom. Breast feeding perfectly complements each-others need! It supplies new-born with optimum nutrients as well as with the necessary antibodies from mom; at the same time it is one of the most efficient way for mom to lose her baby-weight. Breast feeding is a very energy demanding (calorie burning) process and typically requires 750 calories a day more than your body needs to maintain its pre-pregnancy weight.
Although, you have to consume ~500 calories extra every day, if you breast feed properly, it will encourage your body to burn approximately 250 calories a day, which is about same as 30 minutes of mild to moderate cardio exercise. Also, as you are breast feeding you should still eat for two. So, do not be bothered that you are eating more than your pre-pregnancy days.  

Eating Healthy

Whenever, you want to loose weight (whether it's baby weight or not!) eating healthy is much more effective than eating less. You still need to have certain amount of calories daily; and the most important is to keep an eye on how you are getting it. Sorry, for making it little bit confusing, what I am trying to say is, you need to watch the amount of daily protein, fat and carb intake. All of them are prime for our health, still if we plan out our every day diet properly that can make a huge difference! 

As a matter of fact, this helped me a lot when I was trying to lose those preggy fats. Actually, I started following the food chart for healthy breast-feeding mom from baby center when Auripra was 6 month old (I know! I know! I was not bold enough to try out this before!). 

Working Out

There is no way to ignore the role of working out when we are talking about loosing weight. Relax mom, you don't need to panic about how you are gonna manage another at least 30 minutes daily from your already so busy schedule with new baby and else! I know how tough it is. You do not need to stretch it 30 minutes once, if you can manage three little breaks of 10 minutes each that works perfectly okay. Again, you don't need to visit a gym regularly, doing aerobics or free hand exercises is fine, or even just walking can be helpful. Fasten your baby in a stroller and go out for a walk. Try to do some work out at least three times a week. Whatever, you are doing, make it a habit, make it a routine!

Coming Back to Pre-pregnancy Routine

I can totally feel for you! I understand how hard it is to put yourself into a routine with a new-born. Moreover, we are talking about pre-pregnancy routine! Actually, what I am saying is at least try to feed yourself timely and try to have six to eight hours of sleep everyday. Study showed, when you are tired, it's hard for your body to lose weight. New baby means lot of work, but, you don't need to stress it! Stress does not help loosing weight either. On the other hand, when you are stressed out, your body releases stress hormones, that in turn, can promote weight gain and can have unknown ill effects on the baby.  

Managing stress could be challenging too! I am telling you what I do: Firstly, I think about those moments when I felt really out-of-this-world; this makes me feel happy! Second, I see those pictures where myself and my family look darn gorgeous; this makes me feel proud and finally I read inspirational quotes, this gives me the essential uplift of my spirit! Actually, these days I am also reading those lovely comments left by you guys on my blogs to feel good during crisis! There are lots of other ways of managing stress! I would love to know how you manage your stress!    

Drinking Water

In my October Awareness post, I mentioned about daily intake of 2.5-3 liters of water instead of 8 glasses (equals only 2 liters). Drinking more water is not only healthy, but it can also help weight loss. Actually, when we drink water, it increases our metabolic rates. The researches estimate that if a person increases his/her water consumption by 1.5 liters a day for a year, it could burn an extra 17,400 calories. In other words, somebody could loss approximately five pounds over period of a year if he/she only drinks extra 1.5 liters of water everyday.

Giving it some time

Finally, I should say, please be patient. Your body took almost a year to build up all those fats. You should never expect them to go away overnight. Moreover, loosing preggers' fat overnight is not healthy either. Gradual weight loss is what you must look forward to. So, baby! take it easy!

Consulting Experts

Even after everything you are doing properly, If you are still struggling to lose weight, my suggestion would be asking for help to an expert. You can consult a doctor or a dietician (may be a personal trainer). The dietitian can help you design an eating plan that will let you lose weight safely and effectively, while the doctor can guide you on how much weight you need to lose and when you can start exercising.

Hope this helps!
Love, Oeendree


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