Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Creative Blogger Award Nomination

The Second Blogging Award

Thank you so much lovely Shivali of Platinum divinity for nominating me for this award. Go check out her blog! She is beautiful and in her blog, you will find amazing ideas of making your wardrobe new using your old ones. 

The rules of this Award:

1. Answer the following:

a) 1 thing you truly love about yourself.
b) 2 things people don't know about you
c) 3 thing you want to change about yourself. 
2. Nominate the deserving blogs and don't forget to inform them ;D

Here come my answers:

1(a)  My artistry 
1(b) I am a perfectionist, I do watercolor paintings
1(c) stubbornness, time management skill, too much FaceBook-ing 

My gorgeous Nominees for this award:

I love these blogs; go check out on your own...
Congrats girls!

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