Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beautiful Peaks of Otter: A day Trip destination in Central Virginia, USA

“Nature never did betray

The heart that loved her.” 

Before we all get sunk in the cold winter, warmth of fall beauty gives us enough strength to survive it. Of course, my favorite two seasons are fall and spring. Nature is beautiful the way it is; however in spring with newly blossomed buds and in fall with changing color of leaves it turns into heaven right here!

Few weeks ago, we went to visit Peaks of Otter, Virginia. With lake, mountain, fall color, it was an all in one package. Fall color was at its best that time and we had an awesome day there. 

 To plan a trip to peaks of otter, visit there website here. We had lunch at Peaks of Otter Lodge Dining room! This dining room has an awesome view of the mountain and the lake. For a fine southern buffet/menu, this could be your destination! If you want to hike to sharp top mountain, you can start from here, too. Many picnic areas are around as well. You can expect to see some wild life like deer etc too!

That's it for today! Thank you for your visit! 
See you next time!


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