Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Arrange an Afternoon Tea Party in an Hour

Hi my Beautiful Divas! 
Can you believe it is already December and before even we realize, we are going to welcome another calendar year! It is just amazing how fast time goes by! Speaking of December reminds me of cold and winter and long nights! Sigh!  And, Holidays! Yay! 

On a cold rainy Sunday afternoon in December, if your five year old tells you she wants to have a tea-party, what would you do? Well, you throw an afternoon tea party just for you two! How? I am going share with you all right here right now! Afternoon tea-parties are perfect for having your girl-friends over or for your entire family or for only you and your love!

 Lately, I have been into all that "English Afternoon Tea"! It is just too pretty, elegant, yet so simple to set up! I bought few cute tea-sets as well! Of course, you will need one to throw a tea-party! Follow along to know what else you will need! By the way, having that three-tier cake stand for sandwich display, is not at all mandatory! Previously, I have done tea-parties without it! It is traditionally how English people display their bite-sized afternoon sandwiches during tea-time.

You will Need:

A cute Tea-set 
Tea cups and saucers (could be a set or not, be creative; mix and match)

Bite sized sandwiches
Making of these sandwiches are very simple! There are tons of recipe out their online (google it). After trying different recipes, I have found five/six which are my favorite and I also add some twist of Indian spice to them! They are delicious. However, we are talking about lots of calories here! 

Bite-sized desserts
If you could make or bake english desserts that will be great! I just thought, I will use what I had in my home as desserts. Luckily, I had some bite-sized cupcakes and french macaroons! If you use readymade aka store bought desserts, it will be hassle free and quick! Although, this is inspired by English afternoon tea but you can totally make it your own and use whatever you want as desserts.

Some Decoration
Such as a candle or two, some floral arrangement or display.

Last but not the least, you favorite Tea!
Use either loose leaf or tea bag! 

And, some empty stomachs :)

And Voila!
To make sandwiches and to set up everything it took me little bit more than an hour!
I will share my favorite bite-sized sandwich recipes in my next post! 
Until then take care and Thank you!


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