Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pink Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hello! All my beauties here! 

A Super Big Sorry for not being blogging for so many days. Actually, I have been very busy with some stuffs! Was in India for a month long vacation. Moreover, Auripra is going through "terrible twos", so I have little time left aside for myself! I am telling ya... toddler at two... it's tough (period).

Anyways, I hope New year is not treating all of us so rough! Yes! this is gonna to be my first post in  2013. Therefore, I am wishing everyone the happiest and the prettiest new year ahead!  This is February, the month to love and to be loved. 'Romance' is in the air and so is 'glamour'. Hence, I thought my come back post should be something glamorous as well as romantic.

I am going to share how I did this romantic-glam (sultry too!) eye-look in this tutorial. If you are going for a non-formal dinner out on St Valentine's Day, you can totally rock this look.

What I used

The Tutorial

1. Apply eyelid primer on entire eyelid and blend it very well using your ring finger . Let it sit on your eyelid for a few seconds before you move on to the next steps.

2. Take a white soft eye kohl pencil and draw a thick line along your lash line on your upper lid. Continue through your inner corner of eyes and around the tear duct areas. Make sure, the while pencil is clean before you proceed.

 Take white eyeshadow with a blending brush and blend that white kohl line on your lid properly.

4. Next, apply a matte vibrant pink shade all over upper lid.

5. This step is optional! You can use a piece of scotch tape to guide your outer V.

6. Using an angled brush, apply a matte black color along the crease and outer V area. Be very careful during this step. Remember, you can always build up darkness applying more black, however, the reverse is not true.

7. Blend black shadow with circular motion using a warm matte purple color.

8. Apply a metallic silver color (shimmery) on inner corners. Blend everything very lightly together for a flawless finish. Shimmery silver color will leave enough sparkle on entire lid after blending.

9. Using the angled eye shadow brush (used in step 6), apply the black shadow just under outer one third of lower lash-line. Clean the angled brush using a paper towel. Next, take that same purple color in the angled brush and blend the black into outer two third of lower lash line. Smudge/clean using a cotton bud as needed.

10. Apply your favorite black eyeliner along upper lash-line and outer third of lower lash line. Draw two wings for more dramatic effect. Using a black kohl pencil tight line your eyes, also apply black kohl along lower water line through the tear dot and innermost corners.

11. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite black mascara.

12. Using any highlighting color (preferably silver or white based) you have, highlight areas such as inner most corner of eyes and brow-bone area.

13. Fan out the fall out from the shadows. Use a concealer around eyes to make the whole look even brighter.   

Twist: For even more drama use false lashes and black glitter liner on top of black liquid liner.

... and here is the final look.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy blogging! and happy loving!! Do not forget to make them realize that you care in this month of love and always.
All the best.


  1. OMG..this is so beautiful..Like I always say..u do it like a professional Girl..! But i don't see myself doing it so well. Anyways..m glad u r back..I missed u too much. Hope to see u more often now.

    3 new Posts up!
    Do chk them out

  2. Wow you have done an awesome job...

    Thanx for visiting and sure we can follow each other. Follow me and I will follow you right back.


  3. Mid year is ideal around the bend, and as the warmth goes up, you may see that the shades are turning out in full

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