Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to do Holiday eye makeup in Five minutes: A Tutorial

Glit it to Bling it!!!

Hi Beautiful!!!
Wishing all of you a joyful holiday season. Many of you out there might be like me who love to dress up, make up but has very little time to do that! The reason could be various, for me obviously it's my 2 and half year old. It is not that I'm always very busy with her; it's just because I can not keep my makeup in my reach anymore! She can reach wherever it is convenient for me to keep them for using at the right time!

Anyway, I knew, it's reality now! Therefore figured out this five minutes eye makeup mostly using my ring-finger, because my makeup brushes are her second most favorite toy to play after nail-polishes. 

And, when you are in hurry, let gold and glitter do it for you. Let it sparkle, let it be your day! Not to mention, this could be the perfect eye makeup for your holiday party!

What I used:
Concealer to prep my eye and under eye
Half Baked from Naked one Urban Decay as gold on the lid
Random darker brown shade for outer V
Buck from Naked one Urban Decay to blend it all together
Virgin from Naked one Urban Decay as highlighter
Gold glitter eye liner
Black gel liner, Kohl, Mascara and falsies, ear-bud

The Tutorial

1. Prepare your eye for shadow application! I used concealer, if you have eye primer handy use it.

2. Dab on gold-shadow (I used half-backed) using your ring-finger all over your lid. Dab thoroughly.

3. Clean your finger using a wipe (baby or facial), let it dry for few seconds. Using the ring-finger again, apply darker brown shade towards outer corner of your eye as you are drawing a V.

4. Take the available nude color (I used buck) in a tapered blending brush (the only brush I used) and blend every color together. Blend really well.

5. Dab the glitter eye-liner all over lid in a gradient (more towards lash-line, as you go up to the crease, release the pressure from the brush and apply sparingly).

6. Using ear-bud, apply the darker brown-shade along the out half of the lower lash-line! Blend it thoroughly. Tight-line your eyes with a black kohl. Wear eye-liner (I preferred winged eye). Apply Mascara. When wearing mascara, make sure you don't have any gold-shadow residue on you lashes; otherwise, it will really look funny. Wear falsies if you want. Falsies are really optional, but it will glam the whole look instantly.

7. Last but not the least, highlight inner corners and the brow-bone areas.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have a great holiday time.

Yes! That's my reality now! 

Here is some pictures of my christmas decoration. Enjoy. (Yes! I am wearing this eye makeup)



  1. Hey, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog here :- http://mummynheels.blogspot.in/2013/12/the-liebster-award.html
    Please check and post on your blog <3 All the Best!

  2. Wot a comeback..u still rock it like a diva. i miss ur posts..plz try to be regular.
    U look stunning..absolutely like a dream.

    New Post Up

    1. Aditi! My love thank you so very much for being so supportive! I love you girl!

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