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Top 5 Tips to Deal with Toddler Tantrum Inside a Movie Theatre

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It is a mommy time today. Staying away from family with your kid(s) is a real tough job. I am sure most of you (with experience) will agree with me, it is even tougher to keep their calm when they are out of their usual routine or surroundings. Last week, during a get together with friends, Auripra probably cried the most in a day, in her lifetime. It was very embarrassing. She is normally a happy kid; however, you never know when it goes against them and they start creating scene.

It was literally more than 2.5 years since we went to watch a movie in a theatre. I remember, I was around 7 month pregnant when we last watched a movie on big screen. Ever since, Auripra was born, 
we have been thinking about different strategies regarding managing her inside the dark room but were never be able to bold enough taking the risk. Finally last week, even after seeing the extreme outburst only few days ago, we said "enough is enough, we have to try something new." 

We did everything according to whatever we were thinking for last two years and it was a SUCCESS.


Parents you already have passed the 'patience game'. Why do you try to fail it again? You must not plan a movie (especially the one going to be a super-hit) on first day, not to mention on first show. Wait few days at least, if you can not wait a couple of weeks. When the rush will be lighter, they might have a space to roam around inside the movie hall during the show time. In USA, if you are going to watch a Bollywood movie, during it's second or third week, it is pretty safe. 
During show-time, Auripra was going up and down the stairs inside the hall and playing peekaboo with us for sometime. However, the doc and I were not sitting together (when she was playing and running around) so we can watch her at any point of time.

Make sure the show time is not during his/her nap time or feeding time. Many of us might thought, nap time is a great option because they will fall asleep. It could be the case for up to six-eight month old. Anybody older than that could not sleep in that dolby digital sound effect. Show time must be during their play-time; when they will be in good mood.

Before, you go to a theatre to watch a movie, get them accustom with it. Yes! sounds little bit twisting! What I am trying to say is, make them familiar with its sound or characters. Show them the trailer of the movie. If it has a sequence that is very attractive to the kids, show them that. If it is a bollywood movie, show them a rhythmic-party type song (all movies normally have one :P) etc. If it is cartoon movie, probably you do not need to worry much. It is all about priming their senses to it, so they do not feel much unusual about it.

Pack her favorites. If she/he has a blanket, or a bear, they might need it inside the dark. Pack the food that she/he likes the most. We went to watch Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, an Indian movie, during her afternoon play time. We packed her favorite snacks, such as veggie-dip from Gerber, Peanuts, Cashew-nuts, Froot-loops and bite-size pieces of watermelons. Thank God! She just loves these snacks. Whenever, she was trying to start a tantrum we were introducing a new type of snacks. However, does not make it monotonous, they will figure it out soon. Pack anything that is possible to carry and will soothe them for sometime if needed.

Thank god they discovered tablets. All the kids in this era are already primed to this device, especially kids of those parent who are staying away from family. We inserted the ear-plug into it; even-though, it was not making any sound, still she was enjoying watching her favorite shows in it. When you are installing the ear plug, make sure that they do not see it, otherwise they will try to remove the ear-plug on their own. They are pretty smart. Another tips would be, keeping a lot of videos where they can see themselves, handy. I am sure all of us have these kind of videos in our phones or tablets. If they feel bored after seeing the shows, their own videos will buy you sometime. Download few new children's apps for tablet prior to your visit to a movie too.
I mentioned about i-Pad here, because this is what she was playing with during movie-time.

Hope these little tips will help all of us. Please share your secret with us. You never know! Even doing everything accordingly is not always good enough. We need to always have multiple backups if something does not work.

Love, Oeendree

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  1. Nice post Oeendree. I will keep that mind when I need that! :D


    Bong's Belleza

  2. Thanks for these pointers! My tot is 2 and half now, and we've been meaning to go to the theater for a while now. I last went when she was jsut under 1. She got so excited seeing the big screen that she kept making loud appreciative sounds and I had to leave in the first 15 mins!


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