Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to do a Glam Lilac Nail-Art: A Step by Step Tutorial

Hello to all my divas!!!

If you follow the docndiva on facebook, you already know the great news. has featured one of the spring nail-arts from thedocndiva. Can not thank Michelle enough for this absolute honor. Click here to see the post. While, posting this yesterday I realized, I have not done a nail-art tutorial for a while now. Therefore, today it is going to be another very gorgeous, glam, perfect for prom or any evening event type of nail-art tutorial.

the Nail-polishes I used:

I also used:
Tooth pick
~2 mm radius rhinestones (from one six-month size top of auripra)

The Tutorial:
You can of course use your own color combinations to do this nail-art. 
1. Paint nails with base color (lilac). Make sure you have a opaque finish.
2. Draw diagonals on middle (as you would do in diagonal french manicure) finger using other colors.
3. Do other fingers. Draw only one diagonal on each finger.

4. Apply clear top coat around the area where you are gonna stick rhinestones (no glue needed). 
5. Dip the pointed end of a tooth pick on clear coat very lightly (this will help putting the rhinestones on places) and place the stones using the toothpick as shown in the picture.
6. Using the circular end of tooth-pick draw the silver dots.
7. Optional, to give the whole look a very glamarous and shinny finish, I used silver glitter on silver dots and hot pink glitter dark purple color.

8. Very important step, apply clear top-coat all over. This step will seal your design for longer time. Even the stone will stay on places only with placing and covering with clear top-coat.

And, there you have it. 

It stayed on my nails perfectly for more than a week (I was doing all the necessary housework in between).
Hope you love this nail-art.
Please share the picture of your nail-art on thedocndiva facebook page, this way we can all inspire each other. Thank you once again.

Love, Oeendree


  1. Wow. Real nailart. Very beautiful, dear!xx
    Audrey and Pearl

  2. This is gorgeous..n u r simply the best.


  3. absolutely gorgeous!!!! :D You are so very talented, i swear :)

  4. You should open a nail parlor! terrific you are!

    Bong's Belleza

  5. Such a nice design !
    Your blog is lovely !

  6. Love these nail tutorials on ur blog! Love the color of this!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
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  7. Hi!!
    you've been tagged by me


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