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How to Stop Nail-biting: 5 steps to healthy nails

Nailing it!!!

So its been a while since i actually talked to you and i've done a nail-art! So how are you all doing?
It was a promise to myself that I will do this blog-post soon. 
Now you might think why suddenly I chose this topic. Well, those who know me since college and school days, know this can't be a sudden topic for me. Because I was the champion nail-biter at school and college. I loved to bite them; it was kind of a comforting act for myself. 

Actually, it was when I was pregnant with Auripra that the doc came in with this amazing offer I could not ignore. It's obvious how much I love to wear nail-polish So, he proposed me if I stop biting my nails during my pregnancy, I will get one nail polish every week as my reward. I was like "REALLY!"

 And that's how it all started. Believe me it was not the case at all just three years ago. I had the most crappy looking nails possible. However, I worked hard and now I have it. So, if you want to have beautiful nails, you can have it too. Stay tuned to know what exactly I did to stop biting my nail along with bribing myself with gorgeous nail-liquors.


Of course, we can not ignore this wherever we are talking about something in our body. A normal healthy diet is essential for having great looking nails, period. Like our hairs, our nails are nothing but a protein named keratin. So a balanced diet enriched with lots of protein is all your need for having healthy nails. Not to mention about drinking lot of water specially during hot and dry seasons.

For our nails' health, many of us take supplement like vit B12, iron and calcium etc. even that doesn't work always. We have to keep in mind, only taking supplement doesn't always help if we can't absorb it.  VitC helps iron to be absorbed and vitD helps us absorb calcium. So if you taking those supplement make sure you are also taking those vitamins to help them absorb in our body. Actually now they have a calcium+vitD supplement exactly for your need. However, before you start taking supplement you must always talk to your doctor first.


I totally feel for you nail-biters! When you have brittle, weak and ugly looking nail, and when you see them you feel so low and as if you want to bite them more and more! Isn't it? Especially when you have dried, split cuticles around it. Your nails will not grow overnight, however the appearance of it can change overnight. Trust me. Let the hand-cream do its job. And when I say hand cream, it has to be a hand cream (those thick sticky cream) not just any cream or moisturizer. You can use cuticle cream, however when I am just starting to grow my nails, 
I prefer to use hand cream which I can apply not only around nails but also on my whole hand. Let it be on your hand overnight; you'll be amazed by the appearance of your hand and finger nails next morning. And its a promise. Apply it every night onwards.


You must always wear vinyl gloves while you are doing your dishes or doing any other chores that might hurt your nails. Unnecessary exposure to water or any other harsh chemicals will make it more vulnerable.

As you have started working hard on it and as it started feeling soft with gentle presence of hand-cream, let it Grow. Determine yourselves that no matter what you will not put your nails inside your mouth. Be strong! You can do it! 


Although, you still have those brittle nails, believe me, wearing some color will make it look instantly attractive and you will start feeling proud about those beautiful nails. More importantly, wearing polish will help you to keep it away from your mouth. If you don't want have color on just yet, wear the clear base coat and clear top coat and see for yourself how gorgeous it looks. Let the time do its job. Be patient. 


Doing everything above for seven to ten days will grow your nail to a point where you can trim and file them to give them a shape. Also at this point, cutting the cuticle is a must. Although, it is controversial whether you should trim it or not. I personally believe, it gives us those celebrity-like nails. Actually, I also had some myth about not cutting them on the first place. But after I was brave enough to do it once, I never looked back. However, its true it will make your finger more vulnerable to infections and it will split more. Therefore, you have to be more cautious and you have to look after them more. This is the perfect time to pamper yourself with the perfect color and have the beautiful nails and gorgeous looking hands.

Remember, like your hair, it is very important to clip your nails regularly to let them grow in a healthy way; otherwise it might break and you will be back to square one.

Hope this helps. 

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  1. Great subject ...I used to bite my nails before could relate to your writing very well !

    1. Thank you so much Samhati! I am glad that it is past tense now :)

  2. Awesome Post Oeendree...u r fabulous with such posts...keep the momentum going.


  3. Those some good tips you shared!! Although I do not have that habit I'll be sure to share this with people who do!! :)

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!


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