Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Inspired nail-art: A step by step tutorial

Spring Inspired # 2

Ok! No beating around the bush, let's jump directly into the topic. Yes! we are gonna be discussing the steps of the summery floral nail that I did last week. Although it is a little bit time consuming, this is quiet easy to do. It took me around an hour to do both the hands. Not to mention, being right handed it is always more difficult and more time consuming to do the right hand by the left one.

What I Used:

Zoya Happi (a very bright and pretty pink with gold shimmer in it)

Yes! That's a picture of Auripra in the background

My Important Tools

Tooth Pick cut into half diagonally 

The Tutorial

1. Apply base coat. Wait 5-10 minutes before you jump into next step.

2. Apply three coats of pink and white on fingers as shown in the picture above. You have make the color really opaque, that is why three coats. Let it dry.

3. Now the tools come into the action. I literally used a knife to cut a tooth pick diagonally, so that i can use it as a tool to do the petals of the flowers. Just dip it into the colors and stamp on nails to draw the petals. Using the circular end of the toothpick, stamp the middle dot (Yellow dot) of the flower.

4. For smaller flowers, at the base of each nail, use toothpick's circular end to stamp. If you have stamping tools, please use them. Your task will be lot easier. 

Thumbs and Ring fingers

5. After painting two half flowers in corners, draw some branches using a very thin black nail-art pen (I used a permanent CD marker for this manicure. It worked out great for me. This markers are removable by nail-polish remover).

6. Next add random dots of different sizes using the hot pink color. You do not have to be perfect! The messier, is the better. 

And, That's it!

Isn't it a perfect for spring manicure? Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for reading my blog.

Love, Oeendree


  1. Lovely post, I like the result!

  2. wow, your nails are amazing!

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  3. Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin lovely. Your turn xo


  4. Beautiful...love it too much.


  5. Love it!

  6. Such a pretty nail art.

  7. its awesome ! Can't take my eyes off this one !!
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  8. wow, such a beautiful nails! love them! <3

  9. soooo prettty.. i wud love this on my nails :)

  10. Beautiful




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