Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Limited-Edition 1922 Collection: From Warby Parker

Hi All,

I am back again. Today's post is gonna be a different one. It's my pleasure to announce the launch of limited-edition, vintage-inspired 1922 collection from Warby Parker. They have launched the collection today. Last week, I was contacted by their Online Media Manager and he wanted me to do this post for my readers with all the inside scoops of this season's collections. 

To start with, I was not sure! as because I've never done such a post before; However, after seeing the collection and knowing the fact that every pair they sell, they will give one to someone in need (Buy a Pair, Give a Pair), I decided to do the post. Lastly, I must disclose that this is NOT a sponsored post.

Eyewear for Couple from the Collection

Following is the exclusive editorial from Warby Parker

"Give ‘em an eyeful

The 1922 Collection is for the night owls and good-time kids.1922 was a very good year—maybe not for the legal liquor industry, but for pretty much

everything else. James Joyce published Ulysses; T.S. Eliot published The Wasteland. 

Eugene O’Neill won a Pulitzer. Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago. The dances were a hoot.

Our new collection translates interwar glamour into a wearable future. Each of the three

new frames comes with a sunglasses version, and all feature dramatic details in custom
acetate and lightweight stainless steel. !e 1922 Collection frames go as well with pearls as
they do with your best Tin Pan Alley moves. As they say: living well is the best revenge."


The whole collection has three different types of sunglasses and eyeglasses:


Wear the Porter, and you’ll be the life of the party. Slim wire temples
and bold acetate eyeframes make for a high-contrast splash.

Eyeglass in Gimlet Tortoise

Eyeglass in Whiskey Tortoise

Sunglass in Gimlet Tortoise

Sunglass in Whiskey Tortoise


Lightweight and perfectly round, the Duke is jolly and carefree - good at the gin mill, great on the open road.

Eyeglass in Gold

Eyeglass in Silver


Joplin's wide-spaced eye-frames and fine wire brow-line add a dash of cheer to any look

Eyeglass in Gold

Eyeglass in silver

Sunglass in Gold

Sunglass in Silver

Honestly, I loved this collection. My favorite is Porter sunglass in Gimlet Tortoise. I would also like to share one of my childhood memories with you while doing this post. It was long time ago, when I was around three years old or so (and, yes I still remember this), every morning my cousins and I used to gather in my great - grand father's room and he used to read out a story for us. Why am I telling this? Because, the eyeglasses he used to wear is just like Duke in Gold; it made me nostalgic.

Feel free to check out Warby Parker's website. You can shop this collection on their website now. Each pair of non-prescription glasses are $95 on their website. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

See you soon.
Love, Oeendree


  1. Wow they look amazing great post girl.

  2. these glasses are so cute.They remind us of Yoko Ono! We love them :)


  3. nice post,you have a new follower ;)
    follow me back if you like ;) xox andy

  4. I'm loving those glasses!! Cute blog :-) Xo

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