Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nail-Art for Prom: A Step by Step Tutorial

So, today is another nail-art tutorial time! You already saw the picture of this nail-art last week here. Yes! The black-golden and red one. Even when I was doing the nail-art, I did not realized that it could perfect for any formal event, such as Prom etc, if you are wearing something black/golden. 
Alright then...

What I used:

The Tutorial:

1. Wear Black Polish two-three coats (depending on the opacity, it want it as truly opaque).
2. Draw that golden structure (it is 'kalka' design)
3. Dot it with golden polish
4. Dot it with red polish.

5. Fill those 'kalka' with golden color.
6. Put red dots along 'kalka' border.
7. Dot it with gold glitter polish and Done!

So, will you try it on? Quite simple, at the same time very gorgeous!!! Isn't it?

Love, Oeendree

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