Friday, May 24, 2013

Chevron and Neutrals: Spring Outfit for Lunch with Friends

So! We were going out for a lunch with friend and family. 'The friend' was very close buddy of the 'doc' during his med school days; however, after they left med school, never had a chance to meet again. Our plan was to go for a Chinese dim sum and after eating directly to Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia for kids. She also has a two year old, his name is Aryan (isn't that a very cute name?). Yes! Auripra made a new friend.

Although, we all were going to the museum, doc had to go to hospital for something. I needed to keep that in mind while dressing for this outing. I knew, I would be running after Auripra all afternoon at the museum. I dressed myself in a very comfy outfit, also wanted to keep it trendy. Therefore, the white Bermuda shorts and chevron prints. Bermuda shorts and chevron prints are totally in trend this season. Actually, the earrings I wore also had chevron patterns on them. Products I used for makeup were sunscreen, mascara, lip-balm. I actually used sunscreen (a must during day time all year) on all over exposed skin.

Click here to know what are the other styles that are in trend this spring/summer. Click here to see how I wore this same top as a fall outfit. Isn’t it great to re-wear a top totally different ways again and again? And, Don't worry about my wedge, I surely changed back into a sneaker before entering the museum!

And, here are Auripra and her friend: really tired after running and playing all afternoon at the museum. 

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  1. Love ur Top..its very cute..n u look so pretty.
    i wudnt be surprised if in a few yrs..Auripra's frens mistake u as her elder sis.
    Have fun.

    New Post Up

  2. Love neutrals, super cute look! Great blog, just joined and look forward to following you. :)

    xoxo- from Chicago

  3. u look lovely, those chevron stripes are awesome!!

  4. Love the look. You look stunning.. And your daughter and her friend both are very cute..

  5. great look ; )
    Do you want to follow each other? ; )
    I follow you right now ; )

  6. Love the chevron pattern! The bangles are so pretty!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  7. really nice look :D
    great dear, so I'll start and follow you on GFC, now it's your turn ;)

  8. Nice look!! Followed you on GFC :) Hope you have a look at my blog too!


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