Monday, May 20, 2013

Floral Print Skirt: Wearing Same Skirt Two ways

Floral print is always hit for spring and summer! You can wear it as a dress, as a blazer, as skinny trouser, as a scarf or as i am wearing as a skirt. I bought this skirt two years ago when Auripra was only a few months old. Could not wear it in 2011 summer though, because I had my preggy fat all over summer that year. First time, I wore the skirt last summer and went to Longwood Gardens for a day out with my mother before she went back to India on 29th April, 2012. Again last weekend I wore this for a casual family out with Auripra and her dad to Penn's Landing. Yes! It has been a year before I wear it again.

                              Spring, 2012                                                                Spring, 2013

Both the styles are pretty much same! I would say these two look as preppy. I kept makeup to its minimum. Only had sunscreen, Eyeliner and lip-balm on for both. Enjoy more pictures...

Pics of Spring, 2013

Pics of Spring, 2012

Let me know which one you would prefer more. Thank you for your visit.

Love, Oeendree


Enjoy pictures from these outings below:

Longwood Gardens, Philadelphia, 2012

Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, 2013


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