Thursday, May 2, 2013

What to Wear on your Prom: Prom Outfit and Makeup Ideas

Hello Beautiful!!!

Can you believe this is already May? It is still kind of cold in Philadelphia, so that is very frustrating! Anyway, in USA and many other countries, during April and May 'Spring' is not only something to be excited about! There are more to it! Yes! I am talking about "Prom"!!! It is probably one of the most memorable event of a High School senior year student. 

Therefore, today's post is for all of you who is going to experience that special day of your life soon. I am going to share the whole look from hair to dress to shoes to makeup to nails! 

The Schematic
So, if I could have a chance to go to my Prom this year, I would wear something that is shown in the picture above! 

The first thing, I would decide on. Once I select a dress, I would select the other accessories and makeup according to it. One shouldered is one of my favorite style! The first evening dress I bought was one shouldered.

Next thing I would choose. As this is a one shouldered dress, I would not wear any necklace with it! This dress has golden in it and I will definitely wear red lips with it. This is why I prefer coppery golden color rather than yellow golden for jewelries and shoes. This coppery golden accent color will bring the whole look together.

I would always go with a messy up-do with this look. However, I do understand that it completely depends on your taste and style. Still, I would highly recommend summery hair-styles for prom. For ideas about different types of beautiful but simple summer up-dos and hair-styles, feel free to visit The Solemates Blog. You will also find different other occasions, such as wedding, outdoor events etc. related helpful ideas and tips on their website.

Winged eye with natural looking eye-shadows. For tutorial click here.

Bright red lips. For tutorial click here.

Considering the latest nail-art craze, I must go with a nail-art that consists of black-gold and red color. Above picture describes what I have come up with. For tutorial click here and for photos click here.

Hope you enjoyed this look. Please share what would you wear on your prom day.
Love, Oeendree


  1. Really lovely post. How I miss going to these sorts of events

  2. love ure winged eyes,, great look and love the fact that u added the whole detail frm head to toe and even lip colour and eyes. Superb
    (keep in touch :) )

  3. Hey diva..♥ red lips and messy bun..well inspiring post.
    New post up on
    Joined you via GFC name Modonika, would love to see you back on mine.

  4. What a wonderful dress! *.*
    Great post.
    What about follow each other here and on facebook?

  5. Following You now here and on facebook :)

  6. great suggestions!

    Hope you'll have time to stop also on my blog for my latest post
    Have a nice day!! :)

  7. Love the nail art here!

  8. Thanks for your tips on how to wear on our prom. In this makeup tips accessories play a vital role.

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