Friday, January 9, 2015

Spring 2015 Nail-trend: How to Do Two two-toned French Tip

Hi my Beautiful Divas!!!
I am sure we all had some resolutions for 2015. I had too. One of them was to start doing my nails again. It's not that I stopped doing it altogether! However, I was not as prompt as I used to be when Auripra was much younger. Because, she started asking for coloring her finger and toe nails herself; so, I had to stop doing it in front of her. Thanks god, now we can communicate! More importantly, I can negotiate with her. All the moms know, what I mean ;). Anyway, this is my first nail-art of 2015. A very trendy, very simple and quick. And of course, spring 2015 fashion-runway inspired. For more spring inspired nail-arts click here and here and here.

"Two toned french tip" is going to be totally on trend in spring-summer 2015. Although, on the runway, the designers had used a color along with white to do two-toned manicures; I thought it will be more fun to use two very springy/summery colors to flaunt the look. What do you think?

The colors I used.

Apply base Coat.
Apply base color (any neutral color), two coats.
 On both hands.
 Let it dry for good 10-15 minutes.
 Using the normal nail-polish brush, apply the pink color along the tip of your nails. Try to keep your hand steady during this step. I accept, this calls for some practice. You can also use those French-strips etc. available for doing french tip to aid the process.
Using a striper nail-brush, draw the teal lines at the base of the pink lines.
 And, Done!

Hope you liked this nail-art. If you recreate it, please post the picture on thedocndiva Facebook page. Would love to see the picture.
Stay tuned for more runway inspired nail-arts.



  1. Love this nail art. so do-able.


  2. Loved it ...😃

  3. absolutely loved it so cute. plz follow back


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