Monday, January 12, 2015

Lace and Neutral: Outfit Idea for a Romantic Dinner on St. Valentine's Day

 Love is in the air...

Hi Beautiful!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had few friends over on saturday and had a very relaxed sunday. Have you see Golden Globe yesterday? I did too. Anyway, St. Valentine's Day is almost around the corner. Therefore, this is a good time to share outfit ideas for a romantic night-out on the very day. Click here for a very cute Valentine's Day inspired nail-art tutorial! 
When I say romantic, what I see is very soft and clam and peaceful something. This outfit is inspired by that vision. Here I come, with a very classy yet romantic outfit of the night idea for your dream-dinnerdate.
Neutral color palette is always very earthy; and lace is ever gorgeous for anytime.

Thank you for visiting!
See you next time.



  1. everything is soo soo perfect <3 omg you are a doll i swear *_*

  2. So that dress from f21..suits u very much


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