Friday, January 2, 2015

Night Out In New York City: An Experience

When it's all about celebration...

Hello 2015!!!
Hope you all had very exciting last day of 2014 and very memorable first day of 2015.
Although, the doc was working on both days, I had really exciting time with my friends.
Today, I'm really exhilarated to introduce another new section in 'thedocndiva', called "Voyage". It will contain, obviously, pictures and experiences from tours and travels we (thedocndiva) did as a couple over the past years.
This is the first post of 2015. So, wanted to post something that was all about celebration. And, thought  sharing the night-out experience in the city that never sleeps, would be perfect fit for the topic.

In June 2013, when Doc completed his Specialization training (Fellowship), we were not sure how to celebrate it! With Auripra around everywhere, it was just not possible to do something as a couple. First, we did a one week tour to Cape-Cod, MA and Boston, MA. It was a great family vacation with lots of nature and scenery and greenery and of course history. However, after coming back, we realized it is New-York City we needed visit to celebrate it in our way.
Still, we were not sure how! Then suddenly to our rescue, my mother came to visit us. We did not delay a bit. We planned our five day tour to NYC in September and the Doc booked this #1 Nightlife tour (according to ) called "Take Me Out NYC". We did the "Mixology" tour. It was indeed an experience.

It was NYC, so we had to shop anyway. However, we shopped specially for the occasion. 

It was getting chilly at night. Therefore, having the jacket was a smart idea.

On that very night, At 9 pm, we were greeted and started from the location that already were given to us. When we reached there, a beautiful modern stretch black Lincoln Limo was already waiting for us. 

The ride was great. Our host made us different cocktails in between our destinations.

The first destination was Experimental Cocktail Club. Very beautiful and classy atmosphere and the cocktail I had with gin and vodka was delicious. It was strong. 

We arrived at our second destination, our tour-guide already had told us that it would be a roof top bar. We took an elevator up to RT (rooftop) level and we were escorted out to a private booth awaiting us on the rooftop patio, right beside the Empire State Building. It was Refinery Rooftop Bar.

Photo Source: Refinery Rooftop

A simple plant - Taro Leaves (Maan Kochu) very common in India, found its place as an interior decorating plant in this upscale bar in Manhattan.

The third and final destination was The BackRoom Bar. It was already midnight and we wanted to spend sometime in Times square at night. So, went in to the last bar and left in few minutes; so did not have any photo of that one.

This was Times Square after midnight.

Thank you for visiting us! Happy New Year once again.

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