Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Decorate A Sunroom for Christmas: First Edition

Christmas Decoration 2013

December has always been very exciting month in my life! Even when I was in India, I used to look forward to those few coldest days of the year during Christmas and New Year time to go out for a picnic or two with friends and family. And, how should I forget about the cake rituals on Christmas day? In Kolkata, all the families used to cut a cake and celebrate Jesus's birthday on 25th December. Sometimes, I remember, we baked the fruit-cake at home for the occasion. Extended families would  come to visit us or we would go to visit them. In one line, we always had gala-time in December.

In USA, December is the holiday season, festive season, joyous season. Philadelphia, New-York City and all other big cities in USA get a luminous makeover around this time. You would see lights and decorations and celebrations everywhere. Last year after moving to Lynchburg, I started decorating my Christmas tree for the first time. While uploading 'the christmas village' picture yesterday on thedocndiva facebook page , I realized I never actually shared my decoration from last year with you. Well actually shared few here. Therefore, enjoy...

Find 2014 Christmas Decor here

The Tree

Tree Topper

The Village

Lights and Walls

Thank you for visiting us! Have a wonderful holiday season.

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