Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to Decorate A Sunroom for Christmas: Second Edition

Christmas Decoration 2014

Hi my Beautiful Divas!!!
Merry Christmas to all of you! When I shared the photos of 2013 Christmas decor only last few days ago, I promised to myself, I will upload the photos of my 2014 Christmas Decor on Christmas Day. So, here it is. If you have not checked the 2013 decor yet, can check it here. Again, it is on my sunroom. This year I pretty much used the same stuffs that I bought last year. Although, tried to do the decor differently, the tree looks almost same. And it should look like that, because I even have used the same ornaments from last year. Last year I spent a lot, so this time I decided not to buy much. To be honest, just bought two led light sets and few things from dollar store. So, Merry Christmas once again.


Thank you for visiting! Stay tuned for the "Winter Village" blogpost. Here, I'm going to tell an open secret now. If you want to have up to 70% to 75% off on regular price on these decoration items, go shopping after 25th.

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