Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to Wear Black on Black: New Year's Eve Outfit Idea

Happy New Year!!!

So, today is the last day of the year! It is the day when we must let go the past and look forward to start again fresh. It is the day about being hopeful, being pristine, feeling upbeat and feeling jubilant. It might seem very coincidental, but 'the song' from movie "Frozen" is continuously playing inside my ear since this morning. I'm sure all of you are having or going to have a great day today. The countdown to the New Year's Day is always exciting. Bring it on 2015...

Yesterday, we went to a tearoom here in Lynchburg downtown! Really liked that place; perfect for chitchatting with friends and family and enjoying great freshly made foods. The outfit I decided on, could be a perfect fit for a new year's eve party! I chose to wear black on black. I mixed textures though. Photos might not be very clear; however, I mixed faux leather (the top) with a shiny textured trousers, previously worn here. The weather outside was not very cold, and obviously I had no plan to stay outside for long, so wore this off-white/ivory blazer, perfect for light-winter. For makeup, I had some no-makeup makeup on. Natural looking eye (for tutorial click here) and natural lips too, because it was an afternoon time event. You should go ahead and play with color for night time parties. Just remember the rule is either vibrant eyes or bright lips. However if you can flaunt it, go overboard; go for a dense eye makeup as well as dark lips: "...Because it's the New Year's Eve Babe!"
To see the complete outfit

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See you in 2015!


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