Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saláta apó Fréska Froúta: A Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

Hi Beautiful friends! Hope everyone is enjoying the spring outside!
We went to strawberry picking yesterday with Auripra! Therefore, was craving for something delicious for lunch today with fresh fruit of course including the fresh strawberries from yesterday! Let me tell you this as a side note: this was the first time we ever went to pick fresh fruit and it's amazing; can not explain how juicy and tasteful and fresh they are! Anyway, here comes the recipe of the fresh fruit salad I made for lunch today.


Fresh fruits:
I used
Mandarin oranges (canned)
Sliced to your wish,however, try to keep the pieces in similar shapes and sizes! This will make it look good :)

Cucumber and
Romaine heart

Dried cranberries 
California walnuts (unsalted)
Raspberry vinaigrette (salad dressing)

Saláta Apó Fréska Froúta Récipè:

1. Chop the romaine heart first and lay on your plate!
2. Start chopping the fruits! If you had already chopped them, place them on top of the green! See the picture below! I tried to alternate them color wise so it looks nice!
3. Add cucumber, dried cranberries and chopped walnut!
4. Have the salad dressing in a small bowl or salad dressing server! Add and mix it as you need.
5. Well, having tea with fruit salad, I would not recommend; may be strawberry smoothie would be a better fit! However, I missed my morning tea today, so needed the caffeine boost!

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope you will try the recipe and will enjoy it! Let me know your feed back or suggestions, if you want to add or alter anything!
Bye bye for now!

Enjoy some pictures from the strawberry picking yesterday.



  1. Omg..awesome. .yummy...anirupa is choo chweet

  2. great post as always :) love your blog:)



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