Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Makeup Tutorial # 1

Coral eye and lip

Products I used:
Primer: ELF eyelid primer
Brush: Eyeshadow Brushes (I used only those 5 brushes in the picture to create this look)
Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents 26 Shadow-Blush Palette (Click Here to know more about this palette) and one random called Opia only as to highlight
Eyeliner: Lakme water resistant liquid, Rimmel London Pencil in Hurricane Grey
Eyelash Curler
Mascara: L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion
Lipstick: No. 17 Honey Blossom and The Body Shop #68 and Revlon Lip butter in Peach Perfait as top layer

Step by Step Tutorial:

First, Moisturize you face and use eyelid primer on your eyelids.

Second, place that light peachy color all over the lids.

Third, apply that darker peachy color towards the outer corner of the lid with the same brush.

Forth, with an angled eye-shadow brush, apply this dark purple color around the crease area, make the outer V shape and towards the outer half of the lower lid.


Fifth, apply the Highlighting color towards the inner corner and blend everything together.

Sixth, apply grey pencil liner along the waterline of the upper lid and liquid liner along the upper lash-line.



 Lastly, Mascara.

For this lip, line the lip with the body shop #68 lipstick and dab it on sparingly. Next, dab the honey blossom lipstick on top. Lastly, use the peach perfait lip butter for this finished look.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Comment below to share your thought. Thank you for visiting me.
All the best. XOXO


  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial, coral eyes look amazing on you!

  2. wow, what an amazing look!!! beautiful darling :))

  3. You have such beautiful eyes! Love the coral :)

    Great tutorial!

    Mindy at

  4. Very good tutorial!


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