Monday, January 9, 2012

Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Palette review

Happy Monday everyone!!! It is still dark in Philadelphia! Oh! winter... the doc is already out for his hospital and Auripra is sleeping :) SO, I thought this is the perfect time to write my review on the nude palette from Coastal Scents that I received few days ago. It is the 26 Shadow Blush (21+5) combo Palette. To sum it up, I am loving this palette!  It is a combination of shimmer and matte neutral colors for all types of skin tone including few gold, orange, peach and purple shades. Most of the Colors stay for quite long time if you are using a primer/base. Actually, I would recommend always use a primer. You do not need to use the best (aka expensive) primer in the market. FOI, I used my self made base/concealer to achieve those following looks.  The colors are easy to blend. The dark eye colors are very pigmented; but the light ones are not that much. However, I should mention here, the blushes are not that impressive. I used the darkest one once; it is so much pigmented that I needed to redo my make up; if you want to use those blushes, use very lightly. The lighter blushes are quiet good though. It does not come with any highlighting shade (you have to use another palette to highlight areas) or applicator. I ordered it from for $19.73. You can also order from Coastal Scents' (click here) website. I totally refer this palette considering its price and pigmentation. Following are the swatches (for swatches I also used me-made base) and the few looks I have done with the palette. 

Click here to see eye makeup tutorials using this palette.

You could actually see which colors are matte and which are shimmer in this pic 

Swatches of the 1st row
Swatches of the 2nd row
Swatches of the 3rd row
Swatches of 5 blushes ( my best pick is the first one from the left)

Click here to see eye makeup tutorials using this palette.

The first look: the Classic

Second look: the Neutral 

The third one: the Dramatic (Indian/Arabic eye make-up inspired)

Click here to see eye makeup tutorials using this palette.

Thanks for being so patient!!! Please feel free to leave me a comment or critic. If you like to know more about any of the looks above let me know too. Please follow me for more to come. Happy retouching!!! 

All The best.


  1. I am thinking about purchasing the palette but i don't think I can contour with the blushes.

    1. Hi Love!
      First of all thank you so much for your comment! Honestly, I never (you can read 'could not') contour my skin using the blushes. My skin tone is Maybelline Fit me 210 (Sandy Beige). If you see closely, you will find out that two of the blushes is actually larger pot of two eye-shadows (exact same). Once, I just used one of the eye-shadows (the second one from the right in the first row) to contour. I am not sure about your skin tone; but if it matches you and if you do not mind, you can use one of shadows to contour (depending on your skin tone, I believe there are actually few contouring colors with-in shadows). Please feel free to ask, if you want to know anything more.

      <3 from:

  2. Dear Diva,
    I love the way u do ur eyes..!
    I so like ur blog..too good.

    1. Thank you Aditi! I will try to do justice to your nice comment!



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