Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Floral Dining Table Centerpiece ideas for Festivities

Happy Fall Y'all!

Right now it is still 22nd September in USA, the first day of fall; however in India it is already 23rd September and it is the day of Mahalaya, that means Durga-Pooja is only 7 days away. Durga Pooja marks the auspicious act of Holy Diva power defeating the evil power of the world. It is celebrated in India during Autumn that is the Fall color season here in USA. Autumn used to mean a lot to me, because autumn and Durga-pooja is synonymous to Bengalis. After I got married and I moved out from my beautiful little world, I started to appreciate the beauty as a whole. In other words, even though I miss Durga-pooja so very much, I have started appreciating the beauty of Autumn as a whole. Here, in USA fall is full of different festivities same as in India. I am so glad that now during fall we do not only celebrate Durga-pooja and Diwali, but we also celebrate halloween, harvest, Thanksgiving and the beautiful fall foliage.

What can be a better time of the year than to work on the home decor to give your living room or dining room a soothing festive look? I do not claim myself to be a pro in this but Home-Decor is another interest that I savor! Going to share some of my floral work that I experimented with. I had lot of appreciation from friends and families for the decor that I did last year, so wanted to share some of these ahead of time with all my friends .... that's you!  

 Now, I am going to do "floral dining table centerpiece ideas" to welcome festivities aka Fall...

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Daisy Display with Candles

Carnation and Daisy and Freesia Display

Fall Display

Happy Fall and Happy Durga-Pooja to you all!



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