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Homemade Banana Scrub Facial: Real, Rejuvenating and Refreshing

4 Beauty-Bloggers' Skin-care Secret Absolved

Hello, Beauties!!!
Finally, looks like spring is here in Virginia. Well, actually it was almost 84F the other day, and felt like summer! I do have a love-hate relation with summer; as much as I love wearing summer-dresses, visiting places, I hate the scorching heat and not to mention the sunburn! Consequently, we always have to be more vigilant about our skin-hair-health care during this time of the year. 

With summer approaching fast, we, my 3 Beautiful Beauty-Blogger Friends and I decided to share our skin-care secrets just in time with all of you!  
Let me introduce these gorgeous ladies to you first! Beena of "BNiionbeauty", Bidisha of "Fashion with Bidisha" and Preethi of "Cute Pinks and Purples".

I can not describe how awesome they are! You must check them out yourself. You will find loads of helpful fashion and beauty related information on their websites! 

Now, here comes my secret recipe! Well, not so secret to you if you are an indian like me! Because we Indians just love home-made beauty care using the basics from our kitchen!
During summer time, due to all those sweats and dehydration, our skin starts to look dull and dead! So we always have to do something extra! Read along to know about the facial scrub I love to use not only during summer but through out the year!

What you need to have:

Lentils (1tsp)
Rice (1 tsp)
Milk as needed
Honey ( 1 tsp)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1tsp)
Banana with skin (4-5 pieces)
1/2 ice cubes (optional)

What you need to do:

1. For a gentle scrub facial, take lentils and rice in bowl and soak it in milk overnight. For a more strong scrub, grind dry lentil and dry rice (in this case, 1 tbsp each) first and then soak it in milk for an hour or so in milk.

 2. Add honey and olive oil to the milk! And, get ready to blend everything together.

 3. Chop banana with skin, we will need 4-5 chunks. Peel those chunks and scoop out the white inside portion of the skin and add it to milk! Throw the outer yellow part of the skin away.

4. Put everything from the bowl with skinless banana chunks into a blender to mix every ingredient evenly! Add 1 or two ice cube into the blender too, if you want it to be cool. After you blend, the face pack will look like the picture below!

5. Apply on your face and neck, leaving around the eye and mouth area! Wait unlit dry (approx. 10-15minutes). Wash with cold water to welcome the youthful healthy skin you always dream of!

Always use this as a freshly-made. Do not store it and use later.
       Olive oil can be substituted by coconut oil.

Don't be scared! Caught candid while was relaxing with this facial on! Thought I should share this even though I'm looking like a ghost.

Also want to know how to take care of your hair during summer time! Click here to know my favorite home-made recipe for hair. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a happy spring you all! Don't forget to drink lots of water and wear sunscreen everyday!




  1. Thanks for this collaboration
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  2. i never heard of this..will definitely try..thanks for the mention..hope to do more collaborations soon..:)

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